Maintenance of Anti-snoring Devices

snore-stop-productSnoring is really a big deal as it damages your quality of sleep. At the same time, your bedroom partner is unable to sleep well, too. But with anti-snoring devices, this will quickly turn around and you can go sleep in the company of other people, or even go camping with friends without worrying about judgmental comments about your loud snores.

If you are going to seek professional help, you will be advised to use an anti-snoring mouthpiece or mouth guard by your specialist for treatment and it will be the most convenient treatment out there. Be it a mandibular advancement device (MAD) or a tongue stabilizing device (TSD), it should be both effective in their own specific functions against snoring, though the effectiveness against snoring can cost you mild soreness in the mouth and jaws (from the MAD) in the morning.

To make sure that the money you spent on the anti-snoring device are worth it, it should be maintained and protected from earlier destruction. It will take some of your time to effectively maintain the device. But always keep in mind that it is important to maintain it so you can ensure that you will be completely snore-free in the future. Here are some tips for maintaining your anti-snoring devices:


  1. Disinfect the mouthpiece first before wearing it. Soak it in a room temperature or cool glass of water and toothpaste (non-whitening and no baking soda type) or denture tablets for ten minutes. After that, swish the device around the solution and take it out to air dry. A thorough cleaning is required as it will be worn for the duration of the whole night. Failing to disinfect the device can only cause more mouth, teeth, and gum problems, so be sure that you will not fail to do so.
  1. A good mouth exercise or massage will make your mouth flexible along with your jaw. It is important to do this for you to have minimal encounters with discomfort when the device is on. Repeating the vowels or reading out loud can be some methods you can do for the jaw exercise.
  1. Look for a good toothpaste and mouthwash to ensure a better oral care. Prioritize those that inhibit bacterial growth throughout the night so you can make sure that a lot of bacteria will not be able to transfer or breed in your mouthpiece or mouth guard. There are cases of some people who are getting sores and tonsillitis often because of their mouthpiece. These are caused by the bacteria build up throughout the night and within the oral piece so you must maintain a proper oral hygiene.
  1. After using the mouthpiece, clean it up exactly with the procedure in the first step and look for a proper and clean container that can be tightly sealed. The tight sealing can prevent foreign substances and small organisms from entering the container. This will ensure that no other unnecessary problems will be encountered while using the anti-snoring device.