Food for thought – which car lift is the best for your needs ?

The car lifting equipment is very important for car repair mechanics and car shop professionals, that‘s why they keep their equipment new and top quality, they need that equipment to service their clients well and get the car fixed fast and with quality. A lot of people would like to have the same equipment as their workshop mechanics has, but that might be too much, not a lot of people has garages as big as workships to fit all of that equipment, also some of the equipment is huge and weights tons not to mention the costs, the question is – where we could get the lifting equipment for our cars ?


The quality car lifting equipment

In order to lift your car you have to decide which car lift you are going to buy to do the job, there are several different methods for elevating your car so that you can work underneath it. As with most things it all depends on how much do you want to spend, because there are many different type of car lifts by varying name, quality, lifting capacity and price. There are quite a few companies selling car lift, but we came upon the UK SJR car lifts company at that sell quality garage equipment for affordable prices,.

Chart: which car lift is the best

Car Jacks

There are many different types of car jacks and stands and they come in different sizes, you can easily use them in your home garage as they are not very big. One of the most popular lifting equipment is rollling floor jack, quite a few car lift owners decided to get car jack instead of any other type of car lift, most of the car jacks can lift up to four tons, it all depends on the lifting capacity of machinery. The car jack has his own advantages, but mostly it is used for changing or rotating tires and also changing the fluids of the car.

Car four post lifts and ramps

Those types of lifts are for heavy car lifting, or lifting a car in order to have one car underneath the elevanted car. Car four post lifts are used to lift the car way up to fifteen feet off the ground and if you ask me that is a lot. What people like about four post lifts is that those lifts are very reliable, because the tires are beeing supported and the accidend of tire slipping or any other sort of accidend is almost impossible and highly unlikely. The negative side of getting a four post lift is that it costs a lot and you need a big garage or space to have it installed in. You should think twice if it‘s worth getting a four post lift or maybe a two post lift can do the same job for you – saving money and space.

Car scissor lifts

Lets check what portable and hydraulic car scissor lifts can offer, they doesn‘t take to much space and if you get a scissor lift with a troley you can even move the lift in another place, what we like about this lift is that it‘s easy to use and maintenance is easy too, plus it doesn‘t cost a lot, actually it‘s the cheapest hydraulic car lifting equipment in comparison to others, if you are planning to lift your car that weights over four tons you should probably go for a two post car lift, as most car scissor lifts can‘t lift more than around four tons.